Johanna Richter

Studied contemporary dance at the Iwanson School Munich, took further studies in NY and in frequent workshops with Rui Horta, Wim Vandekeybus, Jean Yves Ginioux and more.

Achieved the master of science in dance-history, philosphy and german literature at the Ludwig Maximilians University Munich. (MA examen passed in 1992)
Title of the Master´s thesis: The problem of choreography based on literature, as in example of Maurice Béjarts „Les chaises” based on Eugene Ionesco

Works as freelancer, chorerographer and dancer since 1991 and created works for stage, movies and television.

Was invited several times to international choreography-competitions , in Hannover 1991, 1995, 1999, was finalist in 2000, in Stuttgart „Solo-Wettbewerb” 2000, in Ludwigshafen „No ballet” 2004

The production „Meeting Point” was also invited to the International Theatre-Festival in Sarajevo in 2004 and was award-winning as the best „contemporary cross-over-project”

Created dance-theatre productions in cooperation with the departement of culture Munich and municipal theatres, as there are Schauburg Munich and the Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel / Residenztheater.
(1999 „Acht Mal Einsam”; 2001 „Valse Triste”; 2003 „Meeting Point”; 2005 „U Turn”)

2007 Equity financing of the production „so far so close” at Schwere Reiter Munich with guest performances in Tirschenreuth and at the Schauburg Munich.

Since 2012 choreographer in residence at the Schauburg Munich

„intimate stranger” world premiere Februar 2012, was performed more than five years and more than 60 times. The piece was invited to several festivals: international Festival DANCE Munich, Tanzherbst Kempten, multicultural festival „Made in Germany” in Stuttgart and to „KUSS” festival in Marburg. The production was distinguished by verious critics- and audience awards. It also had guest performances at the Theaterhaus Stuttgart, the Theater Pfütze in Nürnberg and the CUBE521 in Marnach Luxembourg.

„secret garden”, world premiere March 2012 was also performed two seasons and more than 30 times at the Schauburg.

„For you my love!”, world premiere february 2016 was the third dance-theatre in follow at the Schauburg and was performed till the change of the artistic director more than 30 times.

During these many years of work with actors and dancers, an artistic style was developed, which is a very individual sense of dance-theatre, where the characters grow into the main interest of the stories. The focus is not shifted on abstract dance, but creates tales of human life, translated into the theatrical dimension of stage.

So the combination of dancers and actors with strong international artistic personalities became the main concern and the key to open a new aspect of communication beyond speech.

In addition the continuity of these productions for many years at the Schauburg, enabled the company to grow a big number of audience comming from any possible social background.


Is member of the choreographers association Tanztendenz München e.V. since 1998

Is teaching modern, contemporary and historic dance / movement / improvisation at the municipal acting school Otto-Falckenberg-Schule since 1992

Is teaching workshops about „historical dance” / „Partner improvisation” and „physical expression of theatre characters” at the Bayerische Theaterakademie, the ZHDK Zurich, the School for Acting Hamburg and the Konservatorium Wien.

Works as choreographer in cooperation with directors in theatre productions at Münchner Kammerspiele, Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel Residenztheater, Akademietheater, Schauburg, Staatstheater Nürnberg, Sophiensaele/ Berlin since 1998

Created an artistic sponsorship called „Hero-Project” to produce dance-theatres for pupils with migration background in continuity of annual creations, in cooperation with the association „mitSprache.e.V.” and the Schauburg:
2010 „Helden” (award-winnig at the competition:„Kinder-zum-Olymp” 2010); 2011 „Heldenträume”; 2012 third part of the trilogy „Heldentaten” (award-winning at the competition „Kinder –zum –Olymp” 2012); 2013 „Zwei Jahre Ferien”; 2014 „Eine Klasse für sich”; 2015 „Von jetzt an!”; 2016 „Erinnerungen an die Zukunft”; 2017 „Wir sind hier!”