Company – Gedanke: genX

Starting with the first dance theatre „8x1am – eight times lonely” in 1999 the group founded the company idea of „genX”.

As there were most of the ensemble members from „Generation X”, the title, which circled around in socio-political discourses at the time, they found a common sense.
Also they realized to have same ideas of what their artistic career could offer, what would be the obstacles what would be the vision.

So they combined both ideas, the same generation and the same dreams as the common „gene” and created „genX”.

The productions following thereafter did not refer to this company name, because in the absence of stable funding for continous work, each production brought up a new ensemble. Only a few artists were integral parts of the company. They worked together for years and shaped the style of the dance theatre work itself.

All members of the productions till 1999:

Joy Bai, Nikolaus Benda, Tim Bergmann, Friedrich Bührer, Alan Brooks, Miguel Fiol Duran, Peter Ender, Stefanie Erb, Caroline Finn, Anna Holter, Sasa Kekez, Peter Mika, Volker Michl, Ronnieudson Oliveira, Moritz Ostruschnjak, Morris Perry, Roland Podar, Búi Rouch, Erich Rudolf, David Russo, Ramses Sigl, Michael Schmieder, Sigrid Schnückel, Anise Smith, Jannis Spengler, Catharina Tiedje