Teaching / Workshops:

Otto – Falckenberg -Schule / Munich:

Since 1992 permanent teacher in the field of movement and dance (contemporary, modern, historical, improvisation)

Is frequent guest for workshops at the bayerische Theaterakademie, the ZHDK Zürich, the School for acting Hamburg and the Konservatorium Wien.

Is coaching actors in single lessions to find specific body language for characters of film and theatre.


„Historical dances – encounters and dances from renaissance to present”

Dances from different eras turn into keys to open the sensual experience of past centuries. Without using any language it is to change into the physical of characters, who face each other in context of a certain epoch.

Not wearing the costum changes the character from one age to the other, it is the inner attitude which shapes and makes alive the external apprearance.

A journey through time is leading from renaissance, to baroc, to romantic, to golden twenties, to present and draws a body image based on the character of the dance. The encounters of the characters between the dances of each epoch follow the rules of contemporary improvisation.

„Partner Improvisation”

Connecting improvisation with gestures, movements and dance, with variations of focus (to partner, to space) a spontanious, impulsive process starts, and leads either into abstract movements of contact improvisation or to concrete scenes.

„Physical expression of a character”

Beyond speech, the physical nature of the character is to be explored by awakening the senses for physical expression. Improvisations as single, as duo as group creates repertory, which shapes a physical matrix for each character. In the course of the workshop, this matrix is used to work in improvisations on monologues, scenes or even whole plays.

To be able to start with common knowledge of the theatre material, it is usefull to choose the theatre play in advance.