For you my love!

dance theatre by Johanna Richter and the performers: Tim Bergmann, Saša Kekez, Búi Rouch, Moritz Ostruschnjak and Jannis Spengler
Concept, Director: Johanna Richter
Stage: Mark Rosinski
Costume: Jörg Christel, Uwe Sinn
Lightdesign: Tobias Zohner
Fight choreography: Heinz Wanitaschek
Videodesign: Thomas Göbl
Photographer: Heinz Wanitschek

produced by Schauburg / Theatre Munich

world premiere: 13.2.2016

length: 95 min

award: TZ Rose

About the piece:

„Oh love! Oh life! Not life but love in death!”
(Romeo and Julia IV,5)

Five performers take the journey into the world of William Shakespeare. In all variations of dance theatre they bring the stories of ancient heroes on stage – radical, performativ, actual, direct and spontainous, as a physical experience! They explore the huge dramas of mankind, the tragedies and conflicts and they keep changing constantly from one character to the other. So the circle of never ending  love and death starts spinning, and within this swirl the realization rises, that all the tragic conflicts, these heroes are fighting for, start in the name of love.

Families fight for their descendants , sons fight against brothers, daughters against fathers, kings against emperors, countries against states… a never ending story! And all of them start with a good human comprehensible reason. But being not able to find compromises, they all fail in their intention and cause death and war of all kinds.

Shakespeare shows them all: Romeo, Hamlet, Lear, Othello, Macbeth, Richard – How they fall into pieces while they try to reach their own uncompromising goals.
He tells the stories of human beings, running into their own inferno, not willing to realize, that revenge, greed, jealousy and war only leads to the same in response.
It is concidering the small world the same dead end, as it is in the global world – in times of Shakespeare the same as nowadays.

“For you my Love!” is inspired by six Shakespeare plays which deal with the small world of conflicts – the micro cosmos of family affairs.
In succession we see: Romeo and Julia / Hamlet / King Lear / Othello / Macbeth/ Richard III .
To reveal the circle of love and death, the stories melt into one and the performers are loosing more and more control, which character they play, what target the need to achieve and why they finally throw themselves into war. They experience the crossing line,where you loose yourself in group dynamic, where rage and archaic force take over, where you open Pandora’s box. Following the path of ancient heroes who screamed to the world:”my word is my sword!” finally awakes our instincts far beyond civilisation and sensible talk.

But there is this point of return – and they find it! They stop, they notice, they cancel fighting and step back into humanity.

This might be what we learn by Shakespeares characters, this is what keeps them alive through all these centuries, what brings them to our world, where we experience the same danger connected in the nature of mankind, which has driven us into conflicts without compromises.
So there is no answer in the end – there is irritation and exhaustion, being thrown into that war and struggeling back into life.

“How far would you to for Love?” This is the question!