Secret Garden

Concept / Director: Johanna Richter
Stage: Mark Rosinski
Costum: Jörg Christel und Uwe Sinn
Performers: Joy Bay, Tim Bergmann, Alan Brooks, Caroline Finn, Miguel Fiol Duran / David Russo, Volker Michl und Jannis Spengler
Light: H.P. Boden
Photographer: George Podt

First Performance: 8.3.2014 / Schauburg / München

Was performed 30 times till may 2015

About the piece:

A dark vision of the global world we are living in: more and more people living in less space, finding less time to do what they would really love to do, taking less risk to live their own ideas, fullfilling their inner dreams.

The dynamic of normal life seems to wipe out the individuality, the superiority of impressions which dominate our life in every second, makes a personal impulse invisible. Standing still is not an option, you could loose connection, you could loose the trail.

Yet, there is a place, there still is the dream of silence which opens the space for inner thoughts and wishes. It could be a day dream, it could be a special room, it could be just an imagination – but it has to be a time off to realise the individual quality.

Let´s call it the „secret garden” everyone carries inside.

Driven by the idea to escape their fear of being who they really are, seven characters try to distract temselves in the night life. They fake emotions, they avoid real contact, they are scared to admit their loneliness. So they travel through the night and try to find their reassurance in the anonymity of a night club. We meet them at the entrance, watching them in ridicules struggle to make this night work. But the struggle is getting worse so that they finally hope for an exit.

Only a huge silence takes them back to where they really belong.