So far so close

Produced without any bugdet

Concept: Johanna Richter
Dance: Volker Michl, Johanna Richter and Jannis Spengler
Stage: Björn Wallbaum
Photographer: George Podt

Premier: 19.9.2008 Schwere Reiter

Further guest performances: Schauburg München , Tirschenreuth

Was performed 10 times

About the piece

So far so close – is called the observation of people getting close to each other by holding the inner distance. Even when the space doesn´t offer any opportunity to seperate, the consciousness of the meaning „being touched by somebody” has vanished. It ends up with empty, meaningless, more or less mechanical arrangements between people no matter if they are strange to each other, or familiar.

So far so close will focus on the longing for the meeting which is no longer just physical arrangement but a real emotion of what lies beneath when people get together in one room. There will be no outside need to contact with the others, the door will be wide open and the chance to escape any moment will accompany any decision to continue the struggle or not.

The question of how to live together in a small place comparable to a micro-cosmos could be transferred in a global idea of menkind. The world of nowadays shows a varity of human behaviour which gives an impression of how far we have got to ignore the others impulses, to overstep the personal borderline, to be rude, egoistic and busy to survive the mass of people surrounding us.

So far so close will look back to the moment, when gestures had a meaning, when rites were more than superficial and empty forms of communication. There should be an irritation which could break through the concept of being together as we got used to. But how to disturb the construction? How to realise that something different undermines the rite? The project will examine the entire potential of human instincts to get back to an authentic meeting.