Intimate stranger

Concept / Director: Johanna Richter
Stage: Mark Rosinski
Performer: Tim Bergmann, Miguel Fiol Duran, Saša Kekez, Volker Michl,
Ronnieuson Oliveira und Jannis Spengler
Búi Rouch has been playing for Ronnie Oliveira since 2015
Costume: Jörg Christel und Uwe Sinn
Assistence: Julia Hutter
Lightdesign: H.P.Boden
Photographer: George Podt

First performance : 25.2.2012 Schauburg / Munich

Intimate stranger was performed for more than 65 shows in five years till 2017

About the piece:

You live door next door, but you have no idea who is living next to you. You meet your neighbor, by accident, unexpected and you start drawing your own fantasy about the stranger. You don´t even suspect your neighbors’ life being very similar to yours. Your thoughts may be much closer to his wishes, hopes and fears than you dare to imagine. We find a small world, which is the arrangement of six doors leading to very limited appartements. All of them pretent to offer a chance of anonymous side by side. The neighbors couldn´t be more different. Their lives and biographies, their cultures and their languages separate them highly visible. They come from Greek, Spain, Germany, Brazil and Croatia – they live their stuffy, criminal, hopeless, neurotic, double identity life struggeling with their problems of normal reality. But nevertheless – they share the same situation on the same floor in this imaginary building.

You will see each of them trying to escape the others, not to show their own intimate problems. You will watch them trying to communicate in five different languages – which doesn’t work – and you will find the joy while they finally got trapped in the small changes of daily life, which brings them inevitably togehter. It could be a dream about citizens of the world getting together – not because they choose the others as their neighbors, but realising that escaping or even fighting the stranger is nothing else but useless exhaustion. They will be close, you will be close; they will be very similar to you – and you will be very similar to them. So – just be one of them!
Invited to festivals:

2012 : DANCE / München
2013 : Tanztage Kempten
2013 : Multikulturelles Festival „Made in Germany” / Stuttgart
2015 : KuSS- Festival / Marburg

2013 und 2014 : Stuttgart / Theaterhaus
2014 : Luxembourg / Marnach CUBE
2016 : Nürnberg / Theater Pfütze

TZ-Rose der Woche (24.2.2012)
AZ-Stern der Woche (24.2.2012)
Publikumspreis beim Festival „Made in Germany” / Stuttgart
Publikumspreis beim KUSS- Festival / Marburg