The Hero-Project:

2009 the cooperation between Schauburg, the choreographer Johanna Richter and the association „mitSprache.e.V, which supports pupils with migration background in special way, was founded. The project called „Heroes” was the starting point for the artistic partnership of the choreographer-team Johanna Richter and Volker Michl. The first „Heroes” were pupils of so called tansition classes, which support young refugees with no german language. The collaboration school was the middle school at the Winthirplatz. The goal of this artistic sponsorship was to rehearse six month once a week with voluntary participants.

Eighteen young pupils started with the collaboration. As this new formed company brought together young individuals from fifteen countries, the german language wasn´t a common way to communicate. Only dance and body language were the direct and universal key to find an understanding.

2010 the first project called „Heroes” had world premiere at the Schauburg.

The continuity of this common work and the unique moment to be on stage were such a precious experience for these pupils, that they did not want to leave the company and pushed the artistic team to continue.

And so the next two parts of the trilogy „Heldenträume” 2011 and „Heldentaten” 2012 arised.

These projects caused a stir beyong the urban radius of Munich.

„Helden” and „Heldentaten” were award-winning at the germany-wide competition „Kinder zum Olymp” as being the best dance theatre in category 5. to 9. school class.

After finishing the „Hero-Trilogy” most part of the company left for secondary schools or even startet an apprehenticeship.

So the project started again and invited new pupils from other transition classes into this experience of artistic collaboration.

2013 the fourth project titled „Zwei Jahre Ferien” with a company of 29 pupils had its world premiere.
2014 the fifth project titled „Eine Klasse für sich” with a company of 16 new pupils had its world premiere.
Then the project changed to another school and collaborated with the Alfons-school. One whole transition classe of 21 pupils performed 2015 „Von jetzt an!” and 18 pupils from transition and normal classes performed 2016 „Erinnerungen an die Zukunft” The last piece in cooperation with the Schauburg was called „Wir sind hier!” and collaborated with the Franz-Nissl-Schule. It was performed in May 2017 at Hoch X Munich.

An african saying: „To raise one child you need a whole community!”

Since we started in 2009, our community is growing constantly.

In cooperation with the Metropoltheater and the BOKI School ( civil professional school for job preparation) was created the dance theatre „In dieser Welt“ in 2019.

2019: In dieser Welt
2017: Wir sind hier!
2016: Erinnerungen an die Zukunft
2015: von jetzt an!
2014: Eine Klasse für sich
2013: Zwei Jahre Ferien
2012: Heldentaten
2011: Heldenträume
2010: Helden