8 x 1am

dancetheatre for eight dancers and one bartender

Gefördert vom Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München und mit Unterstützung der Tanztendenz.e.V, in Cooperation mit der WERKBAR

Choreography / concept: Johanna Richter
Dance: Jens Cordes, Stefanie Erb, Morris Perry, Johanna Richter, Erich Rudolf, Michael Schmieder Ramses Sigl, Anise Smith, Catharina Tiedje
Lightdesign: Michael Kunitsch
Costume: Ana Alcazar

World Premier:e 11.11.1999 WERKBAR / Kunstpark Ost / München

Was performed six times in a row

About the piece:

8x1am is a piece in two acts about being lonesome while you are in society.

It tells the story about eight people, very different characters, who accidentaly meet at the same place, at the same time – at 1.00 AM.

Though they seem to be very distinct in their needs, they are invisibly connected by the same desire to finally find someone, to have a break of being alone.

As eight is an even number, there could be an optimistic perspective, if they meet as a group this special night. Traditionaly thinking: this night could bring up four couples.
The story of the piece will show these eight individuals searching for this very happy end.

The location we found to show the production, is an example for the nightlife in reality. This place really offers an exit to the daily frustration of being left lonely at home.

The WERKBAR, we found as a partner, is one oft he greatest spots at the Kunstpark Ost in Munich, to spend a night in a Club. We will cross over from theatre to realitly – from fantasy to normal life.

So the language of the piece, including dance and gesture, will show very comprehensible, recognizable, familiar conflicts, sterotypes and habits we could observe where ever we go at night.