Historical dance

“Courtly Dances – Encounters and Dances from the Renaissance to the Present.”

Historical dances, like work on the physicality of characters from early eras, are part of the acting craft in theater and film. Dances from different centuries can serve as a key to sensually experiencing different social contexts. It is not the costume that transforms into the characters of an era, but the inner attitude that shapes an outer appearance and brings it to life. In this way, the difference between “being in costume” and “living in the costume of a time” is made perceptible in a lasting way.

Courtly dances that can be worked out for ensembles in theater and film are :

Pavane, Volta, Galliard – from the Renaissance

Minuet, Polonaise – from the Baroque period

Viennese Waltz – from the Romantic period

And continuing into the present, social dances:

Charleston, Swing – from the 20s and 30s

Tango Argentino – from the present

In workshop formats the courtly dances are worked out in an ensemble in a time journey through five epochs (Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic, Twenties, Present), and with encounters of the characters in their respective physicality they are put together into lively social images.