see the music – and dance!
A living experiment

A dance theater by Johanna Richter 


Concept, director: Johanna Richter
Artistic cocreator: Tim Bergmann
Music: Zoran Imširovic (Piano), Conrad Hornung (Klangkunst)
Performance: Conrad Ahrens, Erica D‘ Amico, Amie Georgson Jammeh, Chris-Pascal Englund-Braun
Lightdesign: H.P.Boden
Sound, live camera: Philipp Kolb
Press: Kathrin Schäfer
Productionmanagement: Johanna Richter


Premiere: Schwere Reiter: 21. June 2024 at 8.30 pm

Further performances:
Sa, 22. June at 8.30 pm
Su, 23. June at 8 pm

Audience discussions in the foyer after each performance

Tickets: 20 € / reduced 10 €

In addition: special on 23.6. 7 pm – 7.15 pm: free showing of overtime choreography by Chris-Pascal Englund Braun (HERE=JETZT Prizewinner 2024)


Content of the piece

How do I see music? What stories do I see in my imagination when I listen to music? What is silence? What sound connects people with and without hearing?

A dance theater to a live musical journey from Arvo Pärt to John Cage to Steve Reich, in collaboration with the pianist Zoran Imširović and the sound artist Conrad Hornung, who will be the center of the project in a fusion of classical pieces with modern beats. They will create the musical framework in which, as in a “living experiment”, an attempt will be made to see whether it is possible to see music through movement and dance, to tell stories which are inspired by the music, and finally, through the immediate experience of physical performance, with ever-increasing beats, to get moving together. The music/dance theater is also an explicit invitation to audiences with impaired hearing.


Migrationsbeirat der Landeshauptstadt München, Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München, Bezirksausschuss Neuhausen-Nymphenburg 09, Bezirksausschuss Schwabing 04, Kulturstiftung der Stadtsparkasse München, die Zauner Stiftung und Bezirk Oberbayern.