U turn

Co-Produktion with Schauburg / Munich, sponsored by the department of culture Munich and supported by the Tanztendenz Munich e.V.

Concept, director: Johanna Richter
Performance: Tim Bergmann, Peter Ender, Volker Michl, Morris Perry, Roland Podar and Anise Smith
Co-Choreographie: Olga Cobos und Peter Mika
Stage: Mark Rosinski
Costume: Christel und Sinn
Lightdesign: Ulrich Grether
Assistence and Video: Michael Mertins
Photographer: George Podt

World premiere: 1.2.2006 Schauburg / Munich

Was performed at the Schauburg in season 05 / 06 for 15 shows

About the piece:

What do you see, when you look at someone, you don´t know?
The person, who he really is, or the person hidden behind some covering he wants to show in public?
You think you really see the truth, or do you see the reflection of your own needs and expectations by looking at the other?
You see this whole unique individual, or you discover only a very small part of the character behind a curtain of conventions?
And what, if under this surface lies some truth which reveals the opposite to the picture you saw at first sight?

Nowadays we live in a society where the outward appearance is most important for social contacts. Estrangement from our self-confidence grows significantly.
The trend, the pressure to be successful, the certain look, the image – all of these phenomenas narrow the chance to make free decisions about what you what to be, who you what to be, and how to move in directions, you have chosen too fast.
Weaknesses, faults, doubts, admission of your own imperfection, or admission to your inner dreams, they all do not fit any more in a meritocracy.

So you hold on tight to your covering as perfect as possible, to finally have a shield protecting you against the threat, that someone will find out who you really are.
Of course this stragedy leads into misunderstandings, disappoitments, and false promisses.
But what would be the anchor to feel safe, when you struggle with life and daily challenges?
What do you take for real, if the doubts start to grow and the surface starts to fall apart?
Is it really smart to hold on to acknowledgment from so called friends?
Would you rather decide not to concider your inner wishes? Won´t you do anything to safe your image?

But what would be more brave and consitant, than to realize your unique character, your indivudual choice to make independent decisions for your life?
Every day, every second, every moment you see yourself in a new unknown situation, which offers a turn into new unexpected directions. A new way could bring you further to new perspectives, to new open horizons.

U-turn could mean: you turn, as you stay flexible every single moment of your life.
Or it could mean U – turn as a complete turnuing back to where you once began: to your source of inner dreams, visions, ideals and unique strengh.