Choreography: Johanna Richter

Dance: Johanna Richter und Friedrich Bührer

World premiere:

Dance Festival Regensburg 2000

Further invitations:

International Choreography – Competition Hannover 2000

Dance Festival Passau 2000 / Stadttheater Passau

„Aids Benefiz” 2001 / Schauburg München

„Tanz-Metropole 2004” / Metropol Theater München

„She’s retro” / I ”Camp 2012

About the piece:

Two people, alone at a forlone place, are following their ways. One of them has already chosen a spot to stay, the other one is still lost in complete blindness, doesn’t know where to go. May be they are even searching for each other ” but they don’t know „ they feel alone ” and lost. But the play of desire, curiosity and courage bringst hem closer to each other. Just for one short moment they meet, they trust each other, they come close, they finally see” their own truth in the eyes oft he other. „Look into my eyes, before you leave again and disapear in the darkness, where I can’t follow.”