HIER=JETZT – Platform for contemporary dance in Munich.

HIER=JETZT is designed in 2016 as a platform for the independent dance scene in Munich, and tries to bring together as many dance makers as possible in an open encounter in an “artist-by-artist initiative”.

For two weeks we open spaces for rehearsals, performances and open formats. Artists have the opportunity to test and discuss their work beyond budget and production conditions. The focus of the platform is to promote the development of pieces and to be a platform for professional choreographers who are working on a new production.

HIER=JETZT sees itself as a laboratory situation, in which the choreographers try out their piece approaches in parts, or as a work in progress, and present them for discussion under professional conditions (light, sound, stage) on the stage of the schwere reiter in an “open space” format. The sharpened aspect on the development of a piece is supposed to help artists to realize full-length productions.

At the same time, the platform provides a digital format and makes the work of the participants accessible to a broad, nationwide audience with elaborate video documentations on the HIER=JETZT pages on Vimeo, FB and Instagram. On the pages of the platform, the videos, and annual documentaries can be seen throughout the year. Videos and professional photos are also made available to the participants for their own virtual presence, or further applications.

Each year, HIER=JETZT provides participants with free studios at the schwere reiter and Tanztendenz e.V.. and a residence at Iwanson International. Finally, the works are presented on four admission-free “Open Space” evenings. Following each performance evening, we will open audience discussions between the participating artists* and interested audience members.    

In order to participate in the platform, interested artists are required to introduce themselves with their concept and professional curriculum vitae.

The management of the platform (Johanna Richter and Birgitta Trommler) can only invite a maximum of 16 participants from the applications in order not to exceed the capacity of the platform.

The organizers do not see themselves as curators who, as in a festival, select contributions according to a specific artistic concept. They are more concerned with the diversity of artistic approaches, the inclusion of different art forms, and the realistic feasibility within the possibilities of this laboratory format.

Through the open laboratory situation of the annual platform, the networking of artists from Munich with colleagues from other German cities and even a collaboration with international cities. We are passionate about this growth of artistic encounters beyond Munich’s borders, because it is elementary for Munich artists to network internationally.

The past since 21016 has shown that projects that start at HIER=JETZT grow into stable partnerships between local and international artists.

Without risk, but with great possibilities, we create spaces that allow networks to be created in a working process from conceptualization to artistic realization, which are often missing among young artists*, but are elementarily necessary and make HIER=JETZT so indispensable.

The audience award, privately donated since 2022, has also led to the Norbert Janssen Foundation taking notice of our work and awarding a 3-month choreographer grant to HIER=JETZT for this year. The result will be shown at Tanzwerkstatt Europa.

Short documentaries with interviews from HIER=JETZT 2019-2024:













Hier=Jetzt is realized in co-production with Tanztendenz München e.v., with the kind support of the Cultural Department of the City of Munich, sponsored by the Bavarian State Association for Contemporary Dance (BLZT) with funds from the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts, cooperates with a residency at Iwanson International and is supported by the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences Munich, private donors, and the Norbert Janssen Foundation.